African brothers

I was inspired by the “négritude“ movement in Francophone literature. I like working with acrylic and oil paint. As in any movement called politics, there is always a treater. I’ll let you find the one among the three men. They are often thirsty for blood and power, and nothing will cause it to be revoked because humanity has no importance except to serve their whims. Africans like to call each other “brother” but they will do anything to harm their African brother. It is a cry of anger to all those Africans who destroy their one because they have reached a social status in Europe or in Africa. Enough! That’s enough! These Afro-Europeans who say they are for Africa but are as corrupt as the system they reject. They criticize African leaders but are the first to line up to meet them and ask for favours.

Dimensions 2 × 51 × 61 cm


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