The whispering baby

I was inspired by the desire to have a child while living in a society where everything is so materialized. A society where getting old becomes a problem, we are obsessed with the aspect of thing. A baby? It is not a baby…it is an IT! Why abort when a child is so beautiful, a gift from God. We go to war to save oppressed people, but we are killing our own children without pain. Those children who did not have a choice and those women who were not told the truth. It is anger against the irresponsibility of one and the other. This artwork is inspired by children killed every year, these African women to whom pills are freely given by non-governmental charities with the wrong message of help. We say no as we don’t understand the determination. I used this platform as an artist to raise awareness of the wrongness done to the people of Africa.

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Dimensions 2 × 42 × 60 cm


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